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Money Quiz

How Well Do You Know Money?

You've earned money, spent money and electronically transferred money.  Some of you save money in a jar; others hide money under the mattress.  Some of you let your money jangle around loose in the bottom of your purse or jammed in the deep crevices of your wallet.  You handle money every day, but how well do you know money? 

Check your powers of observation and take the Money Quiz!   (No fair peeking in your wallet first!)

1.  Are the values of coins shown in words or numbers?

     A.  Numbers     B.  Words

2.  When was the $2 bill removed from circulation?

     A.  1989     B.  1997     C.  It is in circulation today

3.  What is the correct term for a one-cent coin?

     A.  One cent piece     B.  Penny     C.  Cent

4.  Which currency denomination had color added to it in 2004 to make it harder to counterfeit?

     A.  $1 bill     B.  $10 bill     C.  $20 bill

5.  Match the coin to the portrait on it.

     One-cent coin        Franklin D. Roosevelt
Nickel                     John F. Kennedy
     Dime                      Sacagawea
     Quarter                 George Washington
     Half-Dollar             Abraham Lincoln
     Dollar                     Thomas Jefferson

6.  Match the currency denomination to the portrait on it.

     $1 bill                    Alexander Hamilton
     $5 bill                    George Washington
     $10 bill                  Ulysses S. Grant
     $20 bill                  Abraham Lincoln
     $50 bill                  Benjamin Franklin
     $100 bill                Andrew Jackson

Money Quiz Answer Key